New products ship from Austin, TX

November 2018


We have been making new connections with cacao plantation owners and processing centers across Ecuador this year.  We are in the process of testing some of the new products and logistics to make sure everything is working. 

We have ordered a limited batch of live cocoa pods, an assortment of dried cocoa pods, cacao pulp, and Tahitian Vanilla grown in Ecuador and have samples in Austin, TX.  

Below are photos of what we have available. If you see something you like, send me an email at [email protected] — or use the contact form to the right for more information.

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Since we started our online store we have continued to get many inquiries from buyers looking to make direct connections with manufacturers.  

After research at how this would work, we are happy to announce we can make direct introductions—allowing you to get wholesale access to the best global chocolate resources at competitive prices.  This program is scheduled to begin December of 2018 or January 2019.

If this is something of interest to you, please use the contact form above to get in contact with us.

Many have asked, and the answer is YES! 
We will glady introduce you to our manufacturers

Cacao beans Arriba & CCN-51

Cocoa butter for making high-quality chocolates

Deodorized Cocoa butter for cosmetics

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa Nibs micro size for making infusions

Cocoa husks/skin for soaps scrubs and infusions

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Paste

Coveratura – dark

Coveratura – white

Chocolate chips – dark

Chocolate chips – white

Cocoa pulp —NEW— high ORAC value considered a superfood

Dried cacao pods

Fresh cacao pods

We can connect you to manufacturers producing the following:

Fresh Cacao Pods

Available: 6

Size: About 7 inches long

Wholesale Price: $23 each

Minimum Purchase: 2

Great for using in demos or promotions.  Each pod is whole and contains about 30 or so cacao seeds from which chocolate is made.

Available: 10

Size: About 7-8 inches long

Wholesale Price: $5 each + shipping

Minimum Purchase: 5

Dried Cacao Pods

Great for crafts, flower arrangements, gift containers, etc. We often see these as candles. The texture is somewhat woody so they can be sanded. Sell them with your chocolates or as novelty items.

Not easily obtainable and we are happy to find a source with a great price.

Style: BOAT

Style: CANOE

Available: 8

Size: About 7-8 inches long

Wholesale Price: $6 each + shipping

Minimum Purchase: 4

Available: 18

Size: About 5 inches long

Wholesale Price: $5 each + shipping

Minimum Purchase: 6

Style: CUP

Available: 12

Size: About 7-8 inches long

Wholesale Price: $7 each + shipping

Minimum Purchase: 4

Style: CONE

Cacao Pulp in Pouches

Have you ever had the opportunity to put a fresh cacao seed with its white pulp in your mouth?  It's sweet, tart, and a bit floral—absolutely refreshing.  The pulp naturally wants to ferment making it almost impossible to capture and market.  We have found one of the few companies in the world that has been able to capture this pulp and package it.  

The raw pulp has been analyzed at a food lab in Germany and has no detectable E. Coli nor Salmonella along with a high ORAC value putting it in the realm of a superfood.  Samples are available in 80ml pouches.  When you are ready to purchase the pulp for retail sales, it can be purchased in bulk with your label in 80ml and litre pouches.  

Can be used as superfood shots, mixed in with smoothies, consumed as it, frozen as sorbet, used in sauces for meat, fish, or added to dressings in a salad.  It is a raw product, stable for 24 months from production date.

80ml samples are limited to 3 per company, 
not for retail sale. CoA provided with samples.

Tahitian Vanilla

Grown in Ecuador

Tahitian vanilla has been grown in Ecuador for the past 15 years.  Most of it has been reserved for sale in Germany but sometimes we can buy some to bring into the United States.  We are growing own own and will try to carry this when available until we can offer our own.  

Available: 12 packages with 2 vanilla beans in each package

Size: About 14-15cm

Wholesale Price: $6 each ($12 for 1 package)

Minimum Purchase: 2 Packages (contains 4 beans)

Note: We use the term cacao when referring to a raw product and cocoa for a product which has been roasted over 115 °F.

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